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Ahead NERO
Easy CD Creator


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Welcome to Warp2Games.com

The land of uncensored world news, reviews, ideas, downloads, videos and other technology related goodies.

Enjoy your stay, and become a member if you feel like it. Anonymous comments are allowed so don't let the drudgery of signing up stop you from giving us your input. Enjoy the site and if you need anything feel free to email me.


I can't find the differences, can you?
Misc. News Another one of those picture games where you have to click on the differences...Click HERE. Its in german but I believe it says 'Find the 3 differences'. LOL. Anyway, I couldn't find them so I just clicked all over the screen. Let me know how you guys make out. Peace.

Posted by Todd on Thursday, July 22 @ 22:13:12 EDT (6230 reads)
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Do movie previews tell you too much these days?
Misc. News I was watching a preview for the upcoming Alien Vs Predator movie the other day and one of the last scenes was this temple (which in the preview they explained was the location of a war between alien and predator) being exploded! I said to my girl, wow, now we know the end of the movie. LOL. Which in reality, we really do. (Read More if you dare to hear me rant!)

Posted by Todd on Wednesday, July 21 @ 00:00:00 EDT (4364 reads)
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I Robot was a sweet ass movie!
Misc. News Didn't know what to expect from I Robot (IMDB Link). I never saw the original but this movie was great. I put it at the same level as Independance Day. Will Smith was great as always and Bridget Moynahan was looking/acting quite great. The movie is about a revolt of robots equipped with some great artificial intelligence. Once again its up to good ol' Will Smith to save the world.

Posted by Todd on Wednesday, July 21 @ 20:42:14 EDT (4521 reads)
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Postponing elections? WTF?
Misc. News Recently there has been numerous media reports of postponing elections in the event of a terrorist attack. In my own opinion, this is absolutely ridiculous. It is funny that this is going on now because just a couple of weeks ago I was saying to my friend something along the lines of, 'I could see Bush staging a terrorist attack in America and then cancelling elections in light of the attack." and trying to dupe America again just as he did to win the election and as he did to attack Iraq (Read More).

Posted by Todd on Monday, July 12 @ 12:49:14 EDT (4049 reads)
(Read More... | 1738 bytes more | 37 comments | Score: 4.5)

download Ground Control RTS FREE!
Gaming News Vivendi Universal and FilePlanet have come together and offered Ground Control for free.

To download, just go HERE and fill out your information.

I believe I played Ground Control one time, it's pretty cool with sweet graphics. I'm not a big fan of RTS games myself.

To see some screenshots click HERE. Enjoy!

Posted by Todd on Saturday, July 10 @ 10:07:52 EDT (40705 reads)
(Read More... | 789 comments | Score: 5)

Creator of Escape Key on Keyboard Dies at 84
Tech News Let us all have a moment of silence for Bob Bemer who died at age 84 from cancer. He helped developed the ASCII coding system which helps a computer translate text as a binary number. Without him, there would be no Escape key.

Full Article

Posted by Todd on Tuesday, June 29 @ 00:00:00 EDT (3429 reads)
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Programs: gaim .79 released
Misc. News Gaim 0.79 has been released.

Download page

View ChangeLog

For those that don't know, GAIM is a superior messenging client allowing you to access AIM, ICQ, YAHOO, MSN, IRC, GroupWise and GaduGadu. Tons of nifty features to boot. In my opinion much better than DeadAIM or Trillian.

Posted by Todd on Monday, June 28 @ 00:00:00 EDT (3540 reads)
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Kim Sun-il head cut off video banned in SK
Misc. News Here is a riddle for everyone:
What democratic society blocks an entire internet site because it exposes the truth the government does not want its people to see or hear?

Answer: South Korea

They apparently banned all South Koreans from accessing Ogrish.com the site that has been able to provide us with real time war pictures and war video.
There is more, click read more to download the video.

Posted by Todd on Friday, June 25 @ 10:22:20 EDT (4925 reads)
(Read More... | 1269 bytes more | 57 comments | Score: 0)

Hostage Paul M Johnson Jr beheaded.
Misc. News Just in the midst of discussing the event with my buddies at work, we found the news that he was killed and had his head cut off. God must have approved that killing. That was text sarcasm by the way.

We were saying that we should tell the hostage takers that if they kill Paul, then we kill all the prisoners. Every prisoner they wanted released. I see nothing wrong with that.

Posted by Todd on Friday, June 18 @ 00:00:00 EDT (4319 reads)
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a country with a pair of balls finally
Misc. News Britain is contemplating cloning human embryos which I think is just fine and dandy. I mean, if it was up to me, I would start a baby gum harvesting factory for stem cell research. But I'm not the president.

Read the link heeh.

In other news, I turned 21, happy birthday to me. Peace!

Posted by Todd on Thursday, June 17 @ 00:03:04 EDT (4224 reads)
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Namco TV Games Controller Review
Gaming News First let me start by saying Pac Man, as old as a game it is, its addicting. My buddy got me into it playing it on the MAME emulator and then purchased a Namco TV Games unit. The unit has multiple games including Pac Man, Dig Dug, Galaxian, Rally-X, and Bosconian.

The only reason I purchased one myself

Posted by Todd on Friday, June 11 @ 00:00:00 EDT (4600 reads)
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Programs: gaim 0.78 released
Misc. News New Gaim released. .78 which has multiple bug fixes and new features.

visit gaim download page to download.

Check out gaim.sourceforge.net for more information on Gaim, the nicest open source instant messaging program around, in my opinion. Peace.

Posted by Todd on Wednesday, June 09 @ 15:17:36 EDT (4196 reads)
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25 Facts About Water
Misc. News 25 interesting facts about water...such as Industries released 197 million pounds of toxic chemicals into waterways in 1990. Or...Approximately 1 million miles of pipelines and aqueducts carry water in the United States and Canada. That's enough to circle the earth 40 times. Read more...

Posted by Todd on Tuesday, June 08 @ 11:36:59 EDT (3142 reads)
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spam: awesome free spam filter
Tech News So I was looking in my email the other day and realized 75% of the mail I receive is spam. I was getting sick of the usual, clean out my mailbox by hitting the delete button method so I went to everyones favorate GPL software site, sourceforge.net.

I did a search for spam and came up with a nice piece of software named Spambayes which helped me right out...

Posted by Todd on Monday, May 31 @ 01:31:50 EDT (3828 reads)
(Read More... | 1531 bytes more | 54 comments | spam | Score: 0)

E3 photos from driverheaven
Gaming News e3 photos compliments of driverheaven.

some sexy chicks up in there.

edit on June 8th: My girlfriend got mad at me for referring to these women as 'sexy chicks' or even for linking to this website with girls on it. Apparently she looks at my website more often than I thought. I think thats pretty cool.

Posted by Todd on Monday, May 17 @ 22:58:46 EDT (3597 reads)
(Read More... | 46 comments | Score: 3)

SneakEmail - the next spam stopper is your email being sold?
Tech News ran across this website the other day SneakEmail.com.

The idea behind it is that you would create a sneakemail account and use that email to sign up for things such as free email accounts or sprint email or any other company that requires your email. Any email sent to this email will forward the mail to your real email account, this allows you to cypher the mails and find out who is selling your email address to spammers.

Posted by Todd on Monday, May 17 @ 22:39:34 EDT (3171 reads)
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hurray for marriage thats gay!
Misc. News I'm all for gay marriage. I believe religion is total bullshit to begin with. So why would something that is already founded on lieing bullshit have any right to say whether or not gay couples can be married within this compound of deceit we call religion. Article here.

Another thing while we are on the religion topic. Priests (a.k.a. freeloading child rapists) are saying if you believe abortion should be legal then you have no right to receive communion. Do you religious folks that believe in abortion accept this from YOUR religion? Another example of religion

Posted by Todd on Monday, May 17 @ 22:20:28 EDT (3027 reads)
(Read More... | 1111 bytes more | 34 comments | Score: 3)

Iraq: nick berg the beheaded contractor video
Misc. News Hi there folks. It's a sick world we live intoday where people start cutting heads off to prove a point. This guy was there trying to rebuild Iraq's radio tower infrastructure for his private company. Granted he shouldn't have been traveling around without protection. Himself being a jew probably sealed his fate as well. These extremists don't take well to jewish folk.

Click more info to download the unscensored video you won't see on CNN

Posted by Todd on Monday, May 17 @ 19:43:00 EDT (3222 reads)
(Read More... | 627 bytes more | 47 comments | Iraq | Score: 5)

ordering supplements
Misc. News anyone take supplements? allstarhealth.com seems like it has some good prices. I just bought a couple bottles of Thermo DynamX. We shall see.

Posted by Todd on Saturday, May 15 @ 10:10:49 EDT (3264 reads)
(Read More... | 50 comments | Score: 0)

site got owned.
Misc. News whats up everyone. if you got to see the other day, the site got hax0red by some fags from brazil. not like i really care. just some lame asses mass scanning for people with vulnerable phpnuke sites. no harm done.

Posted by Todd on Sunday, May 09 @ 21:34:47 EDT (3168 reads)
(Read More... | 33 comments | Score: 0)

Denzel gets more respect than Carver
Misc. News and I love peanuts...But Man Of Fire is such a sweet movie. IMDB Link Here.
He plays another convincing bad ass gun totin' man looking for revenge. And boy, does he get his revenge. Sorta remind me of him in Training Day only he isn't a villain in this flick. Check the movie out folks, its a winnah! P.S. My girlfriend actually liked the movie and she is more of the chick flick type, so bring the girl.

Posted by Todd on Saturday, May 01 @ 10:39:18 EDT (3901 reads)
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Misc. News SARS on the loose again guys. China has it poppin up all over.

Also, wanted all you folks to check out this website Jihad Unspun.
Its a website that has uncensored Iraq news and other things going down in the middle east. Its interesting comparing reports for US soldiers deaths on CNN vs the reports on this website. Check it out and you will see what I mean. They have pictures too. Until next post!

Posted by Todd on Thursday, April 29 @ 22:07:54 EDT (2937 reads)
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new moon mineral found
Tech News Scientists find previously unknown moon material. Read here.

FBI strikes piracy groups at the heart of the crusaders. Read here.

Posted by Todd on Tuesday, April 27 @ 08:53:15 EDT (4050 reads)
(Read More... | 57 comments | Score: 0)

why is our government mad?
Misc. News The white house (a.k.a. the rock house) is supposedly angered by the American flag draped coffins displayed in pictures released yesterday. Why is that you think?

Posted by Todd on Friday, April 23 @ 19:13:56 EDT (3472 reads)
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israel kills another hamas leader.
Misc. News Is israel crazy? I know alot of you are thinking that killing these "terrorists" is a good thing for israel and usa, but you aren't getting the big picture. killing the leaders of these revolutionary movements only fuels the anger and hate for our countries. usa needs to make israel give back the palestinian land and we need to stop this neverending support for them. I think a new president other than dumbass bush may make things better but still won't drive us from this view...

Posted by Todd on Sunday, April 18 @ 18:13:59 EDT (9267 reads)
(Read More... | 1003 bytes more | 61 comments | Score: 1)

good movie = kill bill volume 2
Misc. News Greetings everyone! If you are looking to catch a good flick this weekend, peep out Kill Bill: Volume 2. Even though Miramax fucked us by splitting the movie in two and making us pay double, I wasn't as dissapointed when I saw Volume 2. Awesome movie with tons of surprises and action. My girlfriend even liked the movie and she takes more to girly movies ;) 9.5/10! W00t!

Posted by Todd on Sunday, April 18 @ 18:01:33 EDT (3602 reads)
(Read More... | 52 comments | Score: 0)

Sony developes a 25GB disc made of paper!
Tech News I crapped my pants when I saw this. I could do alot with a 25GB disc, I never thought using it as fire kindling would be one of them. Thats right, to save cost it's made out of mostly paper.

Interesting article here.

Posted by Todd on Friday, April 16 @ 11:25:35 EDT (3555 reads)
(Read More... | 52 comments | Score: 0)

geforce 6800 ultra review
Gaming News TechTV has a nice review on the new Geforce 6800 ultra. It's a nice looking card. I own the 5900 ultra and am very content with it. Very meaty price tag at $499 which is just an estimate.

article here

Posted by Todd on Wednesday, April 14 @ 07:18:50 EDT (3343 reads)
(Read More... | 41 comments | Score: 0)

from the developers who brought you KaZaA
Tech News Skype, the online free phone call tool. It's a nice program with clear sound that works on a P2P network. Searchable online user database by profile.

skype's homepage

Posted by Todd on Tuesday, April 06 @ 23:27:55 EDT (6216 reads)
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ejaculate more, get cancer less
Misc. News Good news everyone. All you masturbating peeps out there have less risk of getting cancer a new study shows. I crank one off at least once a day so I am home free.

article here @ new scientist.com

Posted by Todd on Tuesday, April 06 @ 19:24:30 EDT (7673 reads)
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