The Best Game of Sultan Strategies for First Time Players

 Games based on certain periods of history are not uncommon. Neither are strategy based Kingdom ruling games that seem to be unconventionally popular these days. The period in history when sultans ruled Europe and Middle East countries are on quite popular in games these days. And one of the most successful games among them is Game […]


Battle games: Battles seem to be very attractive to the online gaming fans. That is the very reason why the games developers tend to always keep it in mind and deliver what the customer wants. However not always are these games won by them and no matter how much they try they seem to have […]

How to Level Your Weapons Fast in CoD Black Ops Cold War

There are different things you can look at when it comes to weapon leveling. So for the vast majority of weapons you have to get them all the way to level 55 which unlock all the various attachments and then at every level you are able to unlock a specific set of camos challenges that […]