A Complete Guide for Newbie to Learn Bowling

It is possible to enjoy bowling if you make use of the correct ball and strategies. This is a perfect way of influencing your friends and relatives. By following proper methods of bowling, you can refine your skills, and your efforts show professionalism.

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How to Select the Suitable Bowling Ball at Your Local Bowling Center?

The bowling ball needs to weigh 10 percent of your body weight. For instance, if you weigh around 150 pounds, then select one with a weight of 8 pounds. If it weighs more, then you will find it very uncomfortable. In case you have any kind of injury in your hand, it is a good option to select a lighter ball.

The finger holes need to fit right. You are not required to stretch your arm, there should be sufficient space between your hand and the ball.

Guidelines for Buying Your Own Bowling Ball

When you are sure that you wish to select bowling as a hobby, you must select a ball of your choice. When you are buying it for the first time, select the bowling ball which has a plastic coverstock. These are best for beginners and if you have a tight budget.

The ball has a urethane coverstock are meant for hook shots, these do not absorb oil. You get more friction as compared to a plastic ball. The bowling balls which have a resin overstock are considered a good investment. These balls are costly but give a good chance to hit the pocket.

How to Throw A Perfect Shot at The Bowling Alley?

If you throw a perfect shot, it increases your score. To achieve this, you need to put straight the wrist of the bowling hand. Do not bend your wrist. Keep hand straight as you swing the ball. Always rotate your hand, wrist, and fingers of the bowling arm towards the opposite portion of your body, as the ball comes in front.

Allow the ball to go near your ankle and finish by keeping your hand in the handshake position, when the ball is released. To throw the straight shot you are required to keep your bowling hand under the ball and the wrist needs to be kept straight. The bowling arm is supposed to swing out and back. When the ball is coming in front throw it in the lane as it reaches your ankle.


Thus, by following these techniques, you can do bowling like an expert. These are to be implemented as a beginner’s level. If you strictly include these tips in your bowling, you can play like a pro.

Post Author: Caleb Alexander