Baccarat: A Comparison Game

Baccarat has been one of the most famous and oldest card games in the world. Even Napolean and the French army loved this game. It is a game between the banker and the player. Whoever scores more, wins the bet or the game. There are two versions of baccarat.

  • Mini-table (Minimum $25)
  • VIP room (Minimum $100)

How to play baccarat game? – First things first, Baccarat means ‘zero’ which is an essential part of the game that makes it unique.

What is the objective? – The game intends to get a pair of a card whose sum is close or equal to ‘nine’.

How many parties are there? – There are two parties in a Online Baccarat game, i.e. the banker and the player.

What are the possibilities? – This game has three possibilities, i.e. the banker wins, the player wins or a tie.

What is the procedure?

As mentioned, either the player or the banker must get a pair of card close or equal to nine. Remember, banker is just the name assigned in the game. In reality, that person is similar to your opponent.

The game starts with placing a bet on the table. You may either bet on the banker, the player or a tie. There are even specific sub-categories like “The player will get a pair of the same card” which offer better profit.

After placing the bet, four cards are withdrawn from the deck, i.e. two for the banker and two for the player. The cards are unfolded, and the sum is counted. There are specific rules to get the amount of the pair.

  1. If the sum is ten, then, it is equal to zero. In Baccarat, nine is the largest number. Hence, counting starts again after nine.
  2. In a tie, a third card might be withdrawn. Whoever gets closer to nine after the sum of three, wins.
  3. If anyone gets nine as the sum, it is called a natural nine.

Here is an example, suppose, two cards are withdrawn for the banker as well as the player. Let us say that the sum of the player is eight and of the banker is seven. In this case, the player wins & takes all the bet.

Now, assume there is a tie. Usually, in this case, a third card is withdrawn for each. Now, suppose the sum of three cards for the player is six and of the banker is eight. In this case, the banker wins.