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Carrom is an Indian-originated tabletop game popular in the Indian subcontinent and is recognized by various names in different languages. Many South Asia clubs and cafes conduct regular carrom tournaments. Different rules exist in varied areas of this game. It is played on a square plywood board with pockets in each corner of the board. The edges are surrounded by bumpers of wood, and each side pocket is covered by a net. With the outstanding efforts of technology and innovation, carrom can also be played online. We can play carrom online on different apps. The online carrom platform Lets you compete with the opponent in online matches. It is a multiplayer game and can be played by two, three, or four players. The advantage we get by playing carrom on online platforms is that even if we don’t have an honest open to play with, the computer plays with us as an opponent.

There are specific terms, rules, and tips and tricks to play carrom online to win. Particular apps reward you with real money if you play and win the game on their platform. However, not only carrom but several games can be played online. One of these games is poker, wherein a group of people plays with cards. In poker, players bet on the rank they think their card owns. Several online platforms hold cash games and tournaments of online poker. These apps allow you to play poker online for free.

Some Apps help you to learn the game of poker to play like a pro. Every online poker app lets you play according to its rules and regulations and rewards the winner differently. Fantasy sports is a game played over the Internet, wherein participants assemble virtually or imaginary teams consisting of proxies of original players of a professional sport. There are two competition times in fantasy sports, the first one being head-to-head and the second total points. These are skill-based games rather than based on luck and chance. There will be around 50.4 million estimated players of fantasy sports in 2022.

 Fantasy Sports emerged in 1962 by Bill Winkenbach. According to the trade association, the average annual amount spent on a fantasy sport by an individual over 18 is $ 556 on subscription materials, research, and leagues. In India, cricket fantasy is more loved than any other fantasy game, followed by football, basketball, kabaddi, and various other games.

Next is a rummy game which includes a group of matching card games similar to gameplay which consists of matching cards of the same rank or sequence. To win a Rama card game, the players need to grow their cards’ invalid lines and sets. In this game, the cards are ranked in a sequence of 2, 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10, followed by the ace, Jack, queen, and king. Rummy games include two types of tournaments based on the entry fee, free and cash on the rummy apps. There are also free rummy tournaments where the players can join without paying any fee. People earn money by playing and winning online rummy tournaments as well.