How FIFA player ratings are calculated?

Fifa is the most popular football game which has a huge number of a fan base. Fans usually ask a lot of different question regarding the game that is sometimes difficult to answer.

 One of the most popular questions is how Fifa player ratings are calculated? Today I’m going to reveal about this mysterious question but first you need to know that what player ratings in the game are.

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FIFA players ratings

FIFA player’s ratings show the ability of a player in the game. All these ratings determine the Strength, Aggression, passing, and various other factors of a player in football.

If a player has got a higher rating, he is considered as the most skillful player to have in the game. If we look at some of the most popular football players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, they have got the highest ratings in FIFA 19.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi both have got a rating of 94, and that is one of the highest ratings that why gamers what these two players to be in their team.

How are these ratings calculated?

Most of the people don’t know the answer to this question and are curious to know the answer. FIFA has revealed some detail about it, and I’m going to share it with you.

Michael Mueller Moehring, who is, a producer with EA Sports is responsible for rating all the players in the game each year.

He explained that how he manages to collect a large amount of data points based on 18 thousand players and about 700 clubs in the game.

Michael Mueller said that there is a network of more than nine thousand people in their team that observe all the players skills. The team is known as the data reviewers, which include some professional coaches, players, and season ticket holders.

They watch the player game on the field and submits their opinions on a particular player. EA Sports website store their feedback, which is then reviews by 300 editors.

The editors adjust the data into 35 categories and 300 fields. Other than these feedback EA sports also have their own stats for a particular player that is created by some professional agencies.

EA sports compare the data provide by the team and different agencies and use to the determines player ratings.

However, sometimes at the very last moment, a club team select unknown players who the developer don’t know. At that point, the team spend some time on the game to know its attributes and then rate it.

Mueller also said that these stats are not 100 percent correct and we don’t entirely rely on them because they don’t represent the full qualities of a player.

After collecting all the data, they use a formula to calculate the rating. But some of the players usually get a lower rating as compare to their real-world performance.

Sometimes these stats are not taken into account because a player stats can be different for different clubs. For example, if the player is playing for a club whose main objective is to win matches through passes, the player will surely have high possession ratings.

But if the same player is playing for some other club who want him to play an attacking game, then he would probably have a good attacking rating.

Michael Mueller Moehring shares another critical factor for player’s ratings. He said that the player ability also depends on the type of league he is playing.

If a player is playing in the most competitive league, he needs to show some high skills, but if a player is competing in a smaller league, he might not need the same amount of effort as compared to a high competitor league.

It’s another factor to look at because a player might play well in a small league, but he might find it difficult to score a goal in a highly competitive league.

So while giving a rating to a particle player based on his performance in a real-life football league, the team have to look at the quality of that league.

These are some of the factors reveal by EA Sports. However, there might also be some other thing to look at while giving players rating.