How Legal Are Online Casinos In Malaysia

Malaysia, being vastly populated by Muslims, is subjected to Sharia Law. Under the law, it is illegal to gamble, and you may be forced to pay a hefty fine or be imprisoned.

The Malaysian government is focused on cracking down illegal gambling though its primary efforts are on physical betting houses and dens. Therefore, the online casino Malaysia is still very secure though individuals bet online at their own risks from scammers.

The laws put in place by Malaysian governments to stop the spread of gambling in the country include:

#i. Betting Act 1953

The law states that any form of gambling is illegal, and if caught, you could be fined or sentenced to five years imprisonment.

As much as this act tries to cover all the gambling loopholes, you will only get penalized if you operate a betting house or participate in it. An individual who plays the games online from the comfort of his home, therefore, cannot be punished under this law. You can comfortably live stream cmd368 at your home’s comfort with no interference or fear of prosecution.

The law also doesn’t clearly define a betting website as it only concentrates on on-site betting houses. This is a significant loophole that gamblers can walk through scot-free.

The best news is that the Malaysian government doesn’t focus on individuals but gambling dens. In any case, if they started hunting down individual gamblers, almost seventy percent of the country would be penalized.

#ii. Common Gaming House Act 1953

The act focuses on punishing those who operate gaming houses and individuals caught inside these gambling dens. There is a little distinction between the two terms betting house and gaming house.

The Malaysian law penalizes an individual caught in the act of gambling inside a gaming house by a sentence of up to six months imprisonment or a hefty amount of fine. However, if you are in the house but not participating in the act of betting, you won’t be punished.

#iii. Sharia Law

At least sixty percent of Malaysians are Muslims under the Islamic culture. The Sharia law only applies to the Muslims, so all other religions and cultures are not to be judged under this law.

However, being that majority of the country’s population are Muslims, the act affects the other religions and cultures as well.

The good news might be that the Sharia Law also doesn’t define online gambling well, and this may come as a loophole.

But Islam is a rigorous religion, and even such kind of gaps may not be workable or practiced by those who love to gamble.


The Malaysian civil contract law cautions against wagering and betting. Thus if you are defrauded while betting, you have no law to back you up and nobody to cry to for justice. Defining the legality of online casinos in Malaysia is challenging. They are illegal if you are found in a betting house but not unlawful when you are gambling at your home’s comfort. Either way, casinos are not supported by the Malaysian government.

Post Author: Caleb Alexander