How to Level Your Weapons Fast in CoD Black Ops Cold War

There are different things you can look at when it comes to weapon leveling. So for the vast majority of weapons you have to get them all the way to level 55 which unlock all the various attachments and then at every level you are able to unlock a specific set of camos challenges that you have to complete.

Basically by the time you’ve leveled up all the way to level 50 you have one last set of challenges and after you completed all 35 challenges you unlock gold for that specific weapon in either multiplayer or in zombies so they kind of split that off. They have separate challenges but the leveling and all the level up is integrated so if you level up your gun to level 55 and multiplayer it’ll be level 55 within zombies and that’s one thing to keep in mind.

Obviously the length of time it’s going to take for you to reach max level will differ based off your skill level in the particular area. Obviously if you go into dirty bomb and you’re going to get 100 kills a match which would be incredibly high you’re obviously going to level up much faster than somebody who averages 10 kills.

Same thing with zombies if you make it to around 10 versus 40 or whatever how many zombies you can kill within that time or core game modes maybe you only get 20 kills a match and in hardcore you get 35. It obviously can adjust so you got to go where your strengths are.

One of the absolute worst ways to level up your weapon though is search and destroys just because its round based and it’s very limited. Most people will probably get 10 to 20 kills. Obviously you can get that one off but if you jump into multi-player regular domination you’re probably going to get 20 plus kill a match. So it’s going to be much more consistent when it goes to dirty bomb.

Play Dirty Bomb

The strategies for dirty bomb which is available over here in multiplayer is just to go to fire team dirty bomb and the overall strategy is to just land on somebody kill them. If you die no biggie land again on somebody and get a couple kills; land on somebody and get a couple kills.

You’ll probably be able to max out the gun within about five hours and then you’ll just have to do the challenges. So what I would recommend if you’re just trying to go max out the gun so you have all the attachments just do that deal with it and then you can just use the weapon. It’ll just cut down time on some of these weapons especially if you’re one of those war zone players that are just trying to level up weapons.

Boosting Your Weapon Level in Cold War

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