Michelle Wie Needs These Short Game Tips Anxiously

Michelle Wie could be the most gifted athlete ever. If she ever learns how the game of golf from 100 yards in search on her within the final pairing in the Masters going mind to mind with Tiger Forest and Phil Mickelson. Otherwise she’ll finish up like another Anna Kournikova.

Ladies golf just spent a century residing in the shadows of men’s golf. It is because so far the boys were so better than the women. Additionally, the women tour stars appeared as if a lot of deformed disfigured obese hunchbacks of Notre Dame. Today the abundance of ladies who’ve under no personality and may only speak Korean threatens the women tour. Fortunately from nowhere a pack of youthful bathing beauty American stars has emerged with dynamite personalities, like Michelle Wie who could blow away any runway model with legs that Jacob can use as his ladder towards the sky, Natalie Gulbis who could give Barbie dolls a run on her money, Paula Creamer (nice name), and Morgan Pressel, the most adorable factor since Ashley Kate and Marie Olsen.

Michelle Wie has already been getting Tiger like focus on the women tour and she’s never won a competitive sport. Today in the McDonalds LPGA she introduced out 30,000 fans to look at her once more finish just back. Her wardrobe consultant is deserving of a b for which she was putting on. Her coach David Leadbetter who coached Nick Faldo is deserving of A for which he’s completed with Michelle in the tee to 100 yards in the eco-friendly. Everyone else arrived on the scene to look at Michelle hit absolute rockets 340 yards right lower the center simply to spray 100 wedges from the center of the green in to the rough for bogey and miss 12 ” putts. She put away a lot of shots available it had become as frustrating to look out for Michelle enthusiasts, myself incorporated, as getting the right guy using the perfect body and one foot and also the stamina of the gerbil.

Phil Mickelson was always broadly considered like a short game genius. He labored just like a dog together with his coach Ron Cruz but tend to never win a significant. Finally he made the decision to usher in Dave Pelz as his short game coach. Rather of missing every clutch 5 footer lower the main stretches, Phil Mickelson, that has the dashing great looks of the modern Bobby Johnson, has won the final two majors making men’s golf ultra exciting. Tiger presently has anyone to run against.

Dave Pelz isn’t your ordinary golf pro who began out like a caddie and labored his way to the pro shop by watching the truly amazing players and absorbing the truly amazing tips. Dave Pelz is really a rocket researcher that has written rapid game Bible and also the putting Bible. Based on Dave Pelz the finest player ever from the inside 100 yards was Tom Kite. Tom needed to be while he could not hit the ball from the tee where Michelle Wie hits her 8 iron.

Michelle Wie is 16 years of age. She must leave behind golf at this time for 12 months and spend every waking moment finding out how to hit wedges, nick shots and the way to putt from Dave Pelz. Then she must employ a permanent caddy who is experienced at studying vegetables, who are able to say “Michelle, 18″ outdoors right”, because Michelle Wie has simply no idea how you can read vegetables. Based on her she’s hitting every putt wherever she’s aiming it. If Michelle Wie performs this, in the finish of the twelve months period, Michelle Wie will win every ladies major for the following twenty years by 10 shots, and start the finest sports accomplishment ever, winning the men’s Grand Slam.

Should you believed that Annika in the Bank of the usa Colonial was exciting, hold back until Michelle comes lower 18 in the PGA neck and neck with Tiger and Phil and pulls off to win the Men’s Grand Slam. That’ll be the defining moment in sports history. Michelle Wie has all the potential to achieve this, and today she must relocate with Dave Pelz for just one year, and eat, drink and breathe in the guru’s unparalleled understanding from the short game. It’s all regulated as much as Michelle Wie now. Realize your uncommon golfing potential or be a ongoing supply of frustration to your and yourself fans worldwide forever. It’s completely up to you now Michelle. Simply do it.

Post Author: Caleb Alexander