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The bag race is a game that is perfect for children because of its playful and fun side. It is an ideal outdoor game to enjoy a sunny afternoon with your family. Each player is placed in a potato bag, the goal being to finish the race first.

How to play bag race:

At first you need to delimit the terrain. For this you need to draw two lines on the ground, the start line and the finish line. It’s up to you to decide the size of the playing field according to the age of the players.

If adults play with children, it is better to take them away. For example 5 meters behind the children in order to balance the race. At the starting signal “go”, each player starts in the race. The first to win the race bag.

Variation of the bag race: The relay bag race:

This variant of the bag race is played as a team. First of all, it is important to balance the teams according to the age and level of the participants. Then the players are placed in single file and team behind the starting line. With Run 3 unblocked the essential options now.

The first player on each team puts on the potato bag. When the start of the race is given, the players jump in their bags. The goal is to go to the finish line and then return to the starting line to pass the baton to the next player.

The first team to have made all his relays wins the game.

The children will have to show dexterity!

The goal is to finish the course as quickly as possible without dropping the liquid from the spoon. This little game easy to set up always pleases the children.

To play the spoon race, you need:

  • Delimit an outdoor course.
  • Two spoons.
  • A group of children.

How to play the race with the spoon:

We start a spoon race by forming teams. Children can also play each other for themselves. All this is to be determined according to the number of participants in the game. It is then necessary to delimit a precise route outside. Your garden will do just fine. Be careful not to make a route too difficult if there are young children.

The relay spoon race:

In this variant, two teams of children compete in the relay spoon race. The two teams are placed on the starting line in two Indian files. The rules are the same except that each member of a team relays by passing the spoon at each end of course.

The spoon race: the egg race

In this variant, the rules are the same except that the liquid is replaced by an egg. This variant is perfect for playing outdoors. This will prevent broken eggs inside the house. These different variants allow children to let off steam in a good mood while working their balance.