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Play online Satta – a way to make money

Starting from the age of picking randomly numbered chits from “Matka”, to the age of online betting, Satta or gambling has always been favorite ways of the lower-income group people of India where they try their luck and make a profitable business. But most of the matka play websites are fake and cheat with the player’s money. DPBOSS is the only website in India that has to win the trust of its users for a long time. The results predicted are accurate and the operations are performed smoothly.

How to start playing this game?

With a minimum investment of Rs.500, one can start playing this game. The payout is given out to the user within 4 hours after the end of the game. If someone invests an amount less than this, profit probability is least, though he is allowed to bet for a higher price. But then he should be well aware of the risk involved due to it.

What are the variations of Satta matka?

Kalyan Matka, Main Mumbai Matka, Milan Day/Night Matka, Rajdhani Day/Night Matka and Time Matka bazar are the most popular variations of satta gaming options. Each game runs from Monday to Saturday. One can choose random numbers from the following categories:-

  • Single-digit numbers – 1,2,3…..9 ( Total 9 figures)
  • Double-digit numbers – 00,01,02,…( Total 155 figures)
  • Triple-digit numbers called PANNA- 100,101,102,

One can choose the number by his own and then assign the amount of money he wants to bet for. He is not required to go somewhere. By staying home only, he can earn a lot of profit.

How can we trust this online portal and not others?

DPBOSS Matka is a globally renowned website. It provides authentic matka charts that give an overview of daily matka results. But the player should be expert and experienced enough to understand the charts before the game starts. The opening and closing rates and matka weekly jodi data should be tracked constantly. Unlike other gaming portals, this website has earned a lot of reputation in the market.

By what technique the game runs?

The game runs in two sets. The player is asked to pick up 3 random digits. They are added and the last digits are tallied. On this basis, the payout is given out. Since it is a game of probability, winning chance is only 10%. Hence there should enough luck forgetting the best combination.

What is the procedure of receiving the profit out of the game?

DPBOSS Satta gives the acquired payout in the form of Paytm App or direct bank transfer. At the end of the gaming session, the user should click the “Withdrawal Amount” present on the left upper side of the webpage. Here the user gets both the options of the transfer. One can withdraw a maximum amount of Rs.15000 in Paytm and Rs.1 lakh in the bank account with deduction of a service charge of 3%. Once withdrawn, he can again put money to the game and multiply the profit to a great extent.

How did the word “matka” become famous?

India, before and after independence followed a traditional way of gambling. Some random numbers were written on chits and put inside an earthen pot (matka) in the form of some sort of lottery. Then one person is called to pick up 3 random digits from the pot and those were declared as the winning numbers of that game. From this time with the advancement of science and technology, people started playing on mobile screens and gradually these devices became the tools of earning profit without much investment.