The Best football game-FIFA 19

FIFA gaming series is ruling the football game world for the past decade. EA Sports released a new game of FIFA series every year with many different features.

 The EA Sports try to follow the ongoing trend by launching a new game every year, which all the gamers love. There is a huge difference in other football games and Fifa Series.

FIFA Graphics

One of the most important things about a game is its graphics. FIFA gaming series graphics is quite different from other football games. EA Sports add a more realistic look in the FIFA game which is loved by everyone.

 You will sense like you are playing a real-life football with your favorite teams and players. The realistic look increases the popularity level of the game.

Every year EA Sports launch a new game of FIFA series whose graphics are improved as compared to the previous edition.

If you compare FIFA 2004 with FIFA 2019, you will see a hell of different and that diversity is one of the main reason that FIFA is the most loved football game. EA sports is working hard to give a more High definition touch to the graphics of the game.


Every newly launch FIFA game have many unique features from the previous edition. There are many new teams in FIFA 19 that was not the part of the earlier version of FIFA series.

You will also see a lot of new stadiums that are newly introduced in the FIFA game. There are many new leagues in the game that are fun to experience.

People love changing, they usually get bored of seeing the same thing, and EA sports know that fact very well, and that is the reason they release a new edition every year with many new features.

Due to the changing people are still in love with this gaming series. They send a lot of money in order to see the latest features of a new edition of the FIFA series. You may also see some new players and leagues.

But getting a good player can be a difficult task. You can open luck packs from, or you can buy coins to get random players in FIFA 19.


EA sports has included much new game mode that was not present in the previous games of FIFA series. These new modes include the most famous Champions League, Player career, Dual match, Kick off and various other modes that are a joy to play.

All the mode are different for each other and have their own unique rules and methods that enhance the credibility of the game.

The multiple-player mode is among the most famous mode because it allows the user to compete with his friends or a family member and show them the skills. Once you play these modes, you will surely spend hours on them without getting bored.


The gameplay is pretty much chanced in the latest FIFA game. The developers have added some latest move like Active touch system and timed finishing to enhance the gameplay quality.

All these moves will help you to improve your defend and perform some extraordinary goal. 50/50 battles features in the gameplay show to the probability of a player to attain or lose the ball.

The Dynamic Tactics assist in knowing about the strategies and changing them in between the game.

A new remix of Champions League anthem that was specially designed for FIFA 19 has been added in the game that was rap by Vince and composed by Hans Zimmer.


Game presentation is another vital thing that makes FIFA the best football game of all time. Presentation is the first impression that can have a positive and negative impact of the gamer.

That is the reason that most of the famous game developers spend most of their time in representing the best presentation. FIFA 19 has different, and cool presentation as compares to the other football games.

PES game is the only football game that can compete with Fifa in terms of Presentation, but still, they also need to travel a long distance to reach the reputation of FIFA games. There is no other football game that comes close to FIFA.

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