Game Tips

The Best Game of Sultan Strategies for First Time Players

 Games based on certain periods of history are not uncommon. Neither are strategy based Kingdom ruling games that seem to be unconventionally popular these days. The period in history when sultans ruled Europe and Middle East countries are on quite popular in games these days. And one of the most successful games among them is Game of Sultan. Here are a few tips that can definitely help in succeeding in the ever so popular RTG game.

  • Basics: You can never excel in anything without knowing the tricks and strategies. Knowing the basics of the Game of Sultan helps you give a kickstart to your journey as a first-time amateur player and helps long-term players realise their mistakes and do better with time. Unlike most other RPG games, the Game of Sultan depends more on solo play rather than on groups. Although there are certain situations where social skills are required, this is mostly a single-player and single account game.
  • Levies: There is no need for special buildings in order to collect or produce resources in this game. For example, one does not need a farmhouse to grow crops or barracks to train troops. All these functions are together compiled and performed by levies. These levies help in collecting grains currencies as well as soldiers for your game. Each levy requires about a minute to refresh, and you start with three units and get the privilege to use more and more simultaneously as you level up.
  • Imperial Affairs: Since it is a game about Sultans and their ruling kingdoms there have to be certain imperial affairs that you have to attend to. These generally consist of regular choice-making trivia like choosing one set of troops, game strategies, etc.
  • Quests: The regular quests are available on the lower-left corner of the game screen. Completing these definitely gives you an upper hand in progressing in the game as well as getting more gifts and resources for your game. There are general quests and daily quests, on completing which you get activeness and experience points for moving further and levelling up.

 It is not a big deal to master in these strategies and arcade based games. But since Game of Sultan is played by millions of players worldwide, you also need a lot of practice and appropriate strategies in order to succeed.