The Hidden Gems of Gambling in Korea

In recent years, gambling has been a popular pastime in Korea. This is due to the introduction of casinos and the growth in popularity of the game Starcraft. With this rise in gambling as an activity, there comes an increase in new games and ways to gamble. There are plenty of hidden gems for those willing to take a chance!

Hidden Gems of the Korean Gambling Industry:

  1. Korean Horse Racing:

Horse racing is one of the most popular forms of betting in Korea, with many horse races happening every year. Horse tracks are simple to find and very easy to get around; one of the larger ones is Yongin City.

  1. Gambling in Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP):

The DDP is an interesting place to gamble because you can combine it with your shopping experience! So whether you’re in the mood for clothes or shoes, there’s a casino right next door.

  1. Korean Internet cafes:

In Korea, gambling isn’t limited only to casinos and horse tracks – internet cafes are also common sites of gambling activity. The Korean government has passed laws forbidding minors from entering these establishments after 11 pm; however, many parents have disregarded this law by bringing their children into gaming rooms before curfew.

  1. Pachinko Parlor:

A pachinko is a form of gambling that comes from Japan. It’s like pinball, but instead of hitting the ball with your hands to keep it going, you control the movement by pulling pins out and putting them back in different positions on top of the machine.

  1. South Korea’s first casino; Paradise City Casino, Busan

Paradise City is the first casino in South Korea, and it’s located in Busan. It has many tables for card games like blackjack or poker and provides live entertainment on certain days!

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