Top 10 Tips for Choosing An Escape Room Venue

Everyone loves a mysterious adventure filled with head-scratching puzzles. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy an enthralling environment? As we all know, escape room games are the exuberant gaming platforms that comprise unique plots set in an immersive environment that take our dopamine levels to a high point!

Escape room games are designed to cater to the fantasies of dedicated game enthusiasts. Therefore, as a player, you would be greeted with an abundance of alternatives. To encounter a charismatic escape room experience, you must master the art of selecting a perfect theme for your escape room.

You should know several things before hitting on that confirm button on your #1 escape room company’s website. Whether you are a rookie or an escape expert, in this article, you will come across some valuable points that will undeniably help you in making the right decision.

So, let’s get straight into the top 10 tips for choosing an escape room venue.

  1. Start by picking up the Location of Escape rooms

The primary thing that you should consider before choosing any escape room company is its location.

Whether it is feasible for you to go there? Is that Escape Room Near Me? Or how will your teammates manage to come? And a lot of similar questions are often time left unanswered. Therefore, make sure to pay extra attention to the location.

Escape room centers situated in prime locations would be an excellent fit for any event. If you pick an escape room company with luxury stores and outlets around, it can be extraordinarily facilitating. Keeping this in mind will be convenient for you if your teammates want to stop by a cafe to munch on their favorite snacks or if you want to go shopping with your fam-jam. So, the next time you pick an escape room, make sure to have a look at its location.

  1. Check if the Escape room is budget-friendly 

Although escape rooms are usually budget-oriented, it is always a good idea to consider their pricing beforehand. The prices of escape from games can vary from $20 per person to $40 per or more. You must carefully have a look at the different categories of rooms available along with their pricing.

Checking the prices will allow you to evaluate if the escape room is under your budget or not. This scrutiny will permit you to come prepared and also choose the most appropriate option as per your preferences.

  1. Select your favorite theme at the Escape Room

Once you are satisfied with an escape room company’s pricing and location, you must have a look at all the themes it offers. Escape room games provide countless options to the players. From superhero-themed escape room games to gruesome murderous mysteries, they have it all.

It is your responsibility to select an escape room theme according to your choices. For instance, if you have a knack for solving mystery crimes, you would enjoy hunting the serial killer on the loose instead of doing some digital task in a scientific laboratory. So, discuss with your group members and finalize the perfect theme for you.

  1. Have a look at the player’s limit

Every escape room center follows a specific limit, and you have to abide by it. Most escape rooms can easily accommodate a team of up to 2 to 15 players. But the player’s limit varies from brand to brand. Therefore, it is always considered appropriate to check the limit. This step will allow you to add members accordingly in this exuberant experience.

There is a ceiling on the number of players because this directly affects an escape game’s overall experience. Thus, make sure you have a look at the player’s limit and book your escape room appointment.

  1. Consider the difficulty level of the escape game

While picking an escape room adventure, it is always advisable to cross-check the difficulty level. Escape room websites mention the difficulty level, along with the escape rate based on the previous players. This step will help you get an overall idea about the suitability of a mainly themed escape room.

Let’s say you are a beginner on the way to fathom your first escape room journey. Then you might want to choose a moderately tricky escape room. Whereas, if you already have an ample amount of experience, you might want to level up the difficulties. This factor is entirely dependent on your teammates too. So, examine their strengths as well as weaknesses and choose the perfect difficulty level suitable.

  1. Keep the Time limit in mind

Escape room games follow a time limit that can be anywhere between 60 minutes to 120 minutes. Escape room companies ask their players to arrive 15 to 20 minutes before their adventure starts. Early arrival is essential because the players are required to be briefed and informed about the storyline. It not only enhances their overall experience but also helps them in solving the mysteries quickly. After the escape room adventure is complete, players must spend a minimum of 10 minutes more to click selfies and share their experiences. This information is quite useful if you are planning to do several activities after your escape game. So, make sure to check the time limit of escape room centers beforehand.

  1. If it provides Walk-in or online bookings 

Escape room games usually offer online booking options on their website. Some escape rooms also entertain walk-in teams. But, you have to find out about the possibilities your escape room company provides. This is the most crucial step while going for any escape from adventure.

So, communicate with your selected escape room center and confirm the booking options accessible.

  1. Whether it offers private bookings or public bookings

Another essential point that you should remember before opting for an escape room venue is its booking option. Every escape room center follows a different set of rules and regulations.

Since escape rooms have a particular limit, they sometimes add another team to enhance your overall experience. Many times the escape room companies do not add additional team players. Thus, their entire room is accessible to your group only. Keep in mind the private and public booking option, especially if you have fewer people for this exuberant escape room adventure.

  1. Do they have any special offers

Escape room companies provide extraordinarily tempting offers for special occasions like birthday parties, Bachelorette, family gatherings, and so forth.

If you wish to have a memorable and perfect weekend getaway with your loved ones, make sure to check all the available offers to avail unlimited fun at discounted prices.

  1. Reviews of their escape rooms 

Lastly, before finalizing any escape room company, you must examine its reviews on the internet. Countless websites like Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp offer you this opportunity to read the players’ experiences and make up your mind.

Look up your favorite escape company and find out more about them today!


In the article mentioned above, we have carefully scrutinized all the essential tips and tricks you should keep in mind before selecting an escape room venue. Whether you are looking forward to having an adventurous gaming experience in Escape Room NYC, Escape Room San Diego, or even Escape Room Miami, you needn’t worry because these tips will help you regardless of where you are.

So, visit your preferred escape room center today!