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Top strategies to implement when playing Online rummy

Online rummy is an exciting way to spend your free time, make new friends online, test your strategies, learn some new skills and even earn some money by the side through winning cash rummy games.

But no matter why you play the game of rummy, and no matter what your final ambition regarding the game is, one cannot deny the fact that playing good rummy means a thorough knowledge of all rummy techniques strategies.

Worried? Don’t be! Here are some of the most useful and important rummy tips and tricks to help you up your Online Rummy Game and beat every opponent who crosses your path.

  • As soon as you get the cards, arrange them sequentially to make looking and sorting easier. Also, try to bunch the cards in suits of alternate colours. To make your job easier, platforms like RummyCulture have a one-click sort button. This makes sorting the cards an automatic process and helps you spend your energies on the game.

  • Always be focussed on melding your pure runs. Based on simple probability, it is more likely that you will be able to create pure runs rather than sets. Once this is out of the way, you can focus on the other aspects of the game.

  • Be aware of your opponents’ gameplay. How fast or slowly do they play, what cards they discard or pick up, how does their expression change during the game, are all important things to notice as they often give a lot of clues as to how your opponent is faring.

  • Get rid of the cards with higher points as fast as you can. Higher cards result in a bigger negative score at the end of the game. In case your opponent shows his cards before you do, the deadwood points are reduced.

  • A run can be for 3 or more cards. A run with 4 cards is naturally better as it means one less card to get rid of.

  • Look for tactical cards depending on the game. While an Ace is great, it can only be used to make one sequence. However, a 5 can be used to make a sequence with a 3 and a 4 as well as with a 6 and a 7, giving you more options.

  • Do not forget to use the joker. A joker really enhances the available opportunities for making runs and sets. A joker is great to complete a run or set of higher points value.

  • Try to remember the cards that you or other players have discarded. This will give you a lot of insights on the cards that the opponents could be holding.

  • Be flexible in your gameplay. Do not have pre-decided runs or sets in mind. Rather, take each new card into consideration and craft your game accordingly.

These strategies are, of course, generic ones and applicable to each and every game of rummy you play. Strategies need to evolve based on the exact hand you are dealt and the way the game unfolds.

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A great source of the best ways to play the game is online blogs and articles. These are a rich source of rummy insights and help players know the best strategies that have been tried and tested by other rummy players before.