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Trampolines Sales UK Adds Berg Trampoline to Range

The 12 stores around the UK of the Berg brand are now available at the Trampoline Sales store in London. Berg is an excellent brand that makes some of the world’s finest trampolines.

If you’re located in London, you can now visit them and find out more about these items. Of course, with the Covid-19 crisis, you can also order what you feel like a great offer through the internet. Learn more about why online shopping is smart at this point on this link.

In this article, we’re going to go over the models that are available right now. Follow up if you want to know what’s best for you, and what is best to order.


The mini trampolines go by the name Rebounder. These are made small enough to be placed and used indoors. Only one person at a time can use them. The best thing about them is that they can be disassembled and placed under the bed or at a place where the user feels most comfortable.

Recreational trampolines

These are made for everyone’s enjoyment. They can be assembled in your yard. If you’re looking for something that is going to be an all-family enjoyment, then this is probably what you’re looking for.

If you’re about to choose one of them, you first must research their quality and features. Depending on the manufacturer one can be tremendously different compared to another.

Unlike before, when every one of them resembled the rest, now technology has moved so much forward that you have a ton of options. Make sure you do proper research before making the right choice.

Professional trampolines

The professional ones are not often bought by individuals. The reasons are obvious. Firstly, they are enormous and there’s rarely a place for them in anyone’s backyard. Secondly, their price is through the roof. And finally, there’s no need for someone to purchase something like this when they have many recreational options.

The professional options are made – well – professionally. They have a much greater bounce off rate, and the materials used are amazing. They are created for people to practice jumps on a professional level. People using them are athletes rather than people who like doing this. See more about them here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trampolining.

Rectangular trampolines

This option is great for those who’d like to have maximum experience with jumping. Lots of professional athletes own this type because the geometry of the object provides much better support of the springs. They provide a much higher rebound.

Knowing this, manufacturers must include more durable and stronger materials inside. With it, the cost also goes up, but it’s still an option that lots of people are willing to accept for getting a quality product.

Circular trampolines

If you don’t know what to choose, then be sure that you’ll be very happy with a circular trampoline. The circular ones are made for all ages and groups. They are made with less powerful steel because the physics support the object. There’s no need for strong and expensive materials.

Different sizes are available too. You can use them for kids and adults respectably. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend and how big you want it to be.

Ground trampolines

This type is a special one and offers the best look. However, it takes a lot more time installing and it’s much more expensive because of the supporting elements that need to be installed.

However, lots of people are willing to take this because they look amazing. Professionals are not using them because they can’t support their needs. Pros are practicing this sport in large halls and this is considered a serious sport.


If you’re about to get yourself a trampoline from Berg Trampolines UK, now you know what are the options you can choose from. Do a little research about what kinds are best for you. Also, spend some time thinking about what is it that you need the most.

If you have no room to place a large one, and you desperately want it, then don’t spend the money on buying a new one. Measure the space in your yard and go with the dimensions that allow you to get it.