Valorant – when Creativity is your greatest weapon

Valorant; the multiplayer video game had unparalleled popularity since its launch. Every player was eagerly waiting for the final version, as now it is published on 2nd June 2020; every participant wants to access it to have firsthand experience. At first gaze, the game may look like a replica of Overwatch and CS: GO, but the game boost of many innovative features which makes it tall among other titles. You can select an agent character, with different persona and skills. This first-person combat game is attracting gamers who never tried their hand in shooting games. The closed beta version was widespread, and the latest published one is even more admired. Within a few hours of the launching of the game, the server was congested, stopped, and had to put under maintenance. This event exhibits the immense popularity of the game. 

According to the official release by Riot Game, nearly three million gamers participate in playing this warfare game. This statistic implies to a closed beta version, which ended on 28th May of this year. It is imperative to note that a closed beta version was accessible to only a handful of players. A stunning 3 million gamers, played the beta version, you can guess the numbers of players participating in Valorant`s official launch. Valorant boosting provides all the support to make your team, stand tall among millions of gamers. 

Increase FPS

The First-person-shooter is a sort of video game that gives the player a unique gaming experience; he senses the combat through the vision of the agent; the player has chosen. Valorant is a strategic team-based video game, where every team consists of five comrades. The agents or characters have a different ethnic and cultural setting and posses a distinctive potential. You can be a part of the offensive or defensive team as per your preference. 

While playing this genre of game, you need to highly concentrated and attentive. A minor disruption can spoil your previous effort. Speed is the essence of the game; a split second can make a difference between killing the enemy and get exterminated by the opponent’s bullet. A primary perception of the software and hardware of the game gives a significant edge.

A moderate speed internet

You do not need high speed and a bandwidth internet connection to play video games. It is always sensible to observe the game ping. In a nutshell, ping is a gauge of time your machine takes to recover or respond to data or frames per second (FPS) from the server of the game provider, which may be situated at the other end of the world. Your internet connection should be of moderate speed and stability. Wired connections provide better speed and stability over a wireless internet connection. A small interruption can make or break your complete gaming session. 


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Post Author: Caleb Alexander