Warframe Cheat That You Can’t Miss Out

If you’re one of the many passionate Warframe players, you certainly had some time experiencing the wild world of the Tennos. If you’re just starting this game now, then be sure that you’ll have a wonderful time while playing.

However, for the best experience, you need something to help you on your journeys. You need a Warframe hack to give you a boost in the battle and give an advantage compared to other players. Some guys and girls tried very hard to achieve a high level of their characters. They spent a lot of time playing. This gives you absolutely no chance of defeating them so some might think – where’s the point in playing?

By getting some of the cheating options, you’ll be equal on the battlefield. Don’t lose time and get frustrated while you wait to gain experience and build your character up to a level where it can be competitive. Learn and download some of these hacks and enjoy the game right away.


Using the aimbot you can easily target your opponents and destroy them. Since this is a shooting game most of the time, you need to be accurate with the aiming and we all know how complicated this can be from time to time. Install the aimbot feature and don’t worry about hitting the right target.

This feature is also great because you don’t have to shoot a million times until you get a bullseye. The bot gives you the opportunity to always inflict maximum damage because you’ll always aim and hit that sweet spot where the damage is the highest.

Maximum damage cheat

Playing solo is one thing, but when you play in a multiplayer, every hit matters. With this cheat, you’ll be able to inflict more damage than usual. Your weapon will make a disastrous effect on your enemies with just one shot. Learn more about Warframe damage here.

Of course, no one wants to be uncovered, so there’s an option to use a different percentage of damage with every single shot. For example, you can set the option to inflict just 20% more damage and this way no one will realize you’re using cheat codes.

ESP mode

The ESP allows you to track down and see where the enemy is. Combined with the aimbot, you won’t be able to make a mistake. The ESP mode will give you a clear insight of where everybody is on the map and will allow you to know what you can expect from the enemy. This is a perfect way to always know what position you have and know what ground to hold.

Sometimes, not even cheats can save you from a pack of enemies. If you see that you’re outnumbered, simply retreat and wait for a better time to attack. However, in a combination of a few other hacks, you can even go in an outnumbered battle and win but for this, you’ll really need to work more on everything.

2D radar

The 2D radar is very useful especially for those playing online with other people. The multiplayer has people from all over the world playing in different ways. You can’t predict everything, especially not their movement, but you can always see where they are at the moment with this 2D radar.

Located in the top corner of your screen, you can always keep an eye on where everyone is. You don’t have to go anywhere, just wait for the opponents to come to you. Find a good ambush and then jump out to destroy the enemy. Learn about using tactics in the game on this link: https://www.gamereactor.eu/articles/368863/Warframe+Strategy+Guide/


These are not the only hacks for Warframe. There are more. These are just some of the best ones that we think you can have the most use from. Warframe is a free to play game which means you get a fair amount of weapons at the beginning but this is still not enough for those much more advanced players.

Without the hacks, you’ll be a sitting duck for the guys that already spend some time on it. To remind, the game is out there since 2013, which means some players have really skilled characters.

Post Author: Caleb Alexander