What Are The Five Basic Rules For Playing A Ludo Game?

Everyone loves to play ludo. It is one of the best indoor games that help people reduce stress and spend quality time with friends and family. Everyone has played ludo at least once in their life, it is a part of most of our childhoods. We can say that ludo is a family game because we can play it with anyone, including our family members. We can enjoy playing ludo with our parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, and even our friends. We can also enjoy playing it with our friends.

If you are busy in your professional lives and unable to take out some time to play your favorite game ludo online, you can play it online anytime. You can install an online gaming app on your mobile and participate in different levels of ludo games.

But before you start playing ludo using an online ludo game app, you should know the basic rules. Ludo is not too difficult to play, but if you do not know the basic rules of ludo, you cannot win the game. Ludo is one of the easy games that anyone can learn. So, the following are the five basic rules of playing ludo that everyone should know, who wants to play and win the game:

Number of players –

There are a maximum of four and a minimum of two players who can play ludo at a time. Each player is assigned a specific color block, i.e., blue, red, green, and yellow.

Release the pawns from the block –

In each block of every player, there are four pawns that they have to release by rolling the dice. But to release the pawn, a player needs to get number six or one by rolling the dice. If you get six numbers while rolling the dice, you will get one more chance to roll it. So, in this case, you can release two pawns in one turn if you get six or one again. But if you get one, you will not be allowed to roll it again. So, you can release your pawn one by one.

Eliminate your opponents –

If you want to win the game, you need to keep an eye on the opponent’s moves and follow a strategy to cut his pawn. Once you get the exact numbers by rolling a dice to cut the opponent’s pawn, it will move to the block again.

Protect your pawn from the opponents move –

If you can eliminate your opponent, your opponent can also do the same. So, be very careful while moving your pawns. And similarly, if any of the three opponents will eliminate your pawns, you will also get them back to the block.

Lead your pawns to the winning block –

Then you should move all four blocks to the winning blocks before any other opponent wins the game.

So, these are the five basic rules everyone should know before participating in ludo games online. If you have a better understanding of the rules of the ludo game, there are high chances that you will win the game.