Where Did Katanas Come From?

The word ‘Katana’ is often referred to as a Japanese sword. In literal terms, it is actually referred to as “a curved single-edge one-sided sword”. The length of the sword is usually from 60 centimetre to 76 centimetre. If a blade is shorter than that specified length, it is considered as a Wakizahi sword, and if is longer than 76 centimetre, it would be considered as a Tati instead. These swords were mainly used by Samurais in Japan.

This weapon was mainly used in the 15th century and was used till the 19th century as a samurai’s weapon. Even though it is said that the samurai people make up less than 10% of Japan’s population, their culture can very much still be found in the lives of the Japanese. Now, you can find many sword manufacturers that are making these swords and offering several katana for sale. You can even buy one online easily.

Regarding its usage and tradition, the katana was used a weapon that allows both two –handed or one-handed wielding. The curved shape of the sword and its longitudinal axis allows the attacker to go the target along its plane with its cutting strokes.

The Wakizashi and Katana have always been wielded on the left side of the wielder. It is the ‘right’ method of carrying them in the Japanese society. Even when a samurai enters a house, he will not always remove the belt, as he will always be prepared in the event of possible conflict. Even if he sits down and lay the Katana on the floor, the weapon will always be within reach.

Regarding modern day manufacturing, to make a Katana, it can be really tedious job. First, the pieces of tamahagane are gathered and filled with clary and ashes. This helps to remove the slag from the metal.When the pieces are heated up, it will allow them to be connected to each other. The block will then be made with a hammer where it is flattened and folded again and again so that layers will be developed. The carbon will also be distributed evenly so that the hardness of the blade in each part will be consistently the same. The block of tamahagane will all be added with soft steel to ensure that the sword does not give way.