Where to download Sky3ds roms, firmware and emulators?

This post is for you who just receive the Sky3ds, which is the best 3ds game flashcard for Nintendo 3DS. I will tell you where to download roms, firmwares and emulators for sky3ds card. And Please note, here the Sky3ds, I mean the latest version Sky3ds plus, not the red button or blue button sky3ds card.

Download Roms for Sky3ds or Sky3ds+

Sky3ds roms is the 3ds game roms, so to download sky3ds roms, we should download the nintendo 3ds roms. Plus, the sky3ds roms should be 3ds game card roms, doesn’t include eshop games or out-of region games. That’s to say, if you have a EU console, you should download EU 3ds roms.

The recommended sites to download sky3ds roms are as the following.

  • net

Plus, google these sites portalroms, romulation, romsmania, madloader, portableroms, 3dscia, nblog, they are places to download roms for sky3ds or sky3ds+ cards too.  Some group discord could also be used to download 3ds roms for Sky3ds.


Download Firmware for Sky3ds or Sky3ds+

Old Sky3ds cards like V1 or V2 are no need to use firmware to work on Nintendo 3DS, but the V3 Sky3ds has a firmware. This Sky3ds firmware can be downloaded from, the direct download link is here!CsslTK7C!c3ydhcpqwgy-7gBMvwtf-m3UuydXSZktxKeZX7u-WEI, the sky3ds latest firmware version is V140.

It has the following new features

  • Support online games better, some bugs fixed.
  • Work with Skydock to get private game header from 3DS Retail Game Cartidge to Sky3ds card, so play online can be safe without Ban.

Sky3ds firmware Tutorial 

The Sky3ds you bought from online store isn’t with Firmware, so you should go to the download link to get firmware and put that into your sky3ds card. How to do that? This is the tutorial.

1. Download and extract the zip file on a PC, copy the “firmware.bin” file into the root directory of your microSD card.
2. Insert the microSD card into sky3DS+, connect your PC and sky3DS+ with a USB cable(come with).
3.The LED red light will turn on about 5 seconds, then turn to the green light and keep flashing around 5 seconds, once the light turn off it means the sky3DS+ has been updated successfully.
Alert: Never unplug the USB cable while the green light keep flashing, it might damage your sky3DS+ card!4. Delete the “firmware.bin” file in your microSD card.

Is the Sky3ds card compatible with any emulator? 

We can download 3ds roms, firmware files to sky3ds card, can we also download GBA/GB/SNES/NES/NDS emualtor to the Sky3ds V3? The answer is still No. Even the most recent Sky3ds card without compatibility to any emulators. Unlike the R4 3DS, Sky3ds isn’t supporting emulation or homebrews.

If there any method to let Sky3ds card run emulators? Yes, there is, if your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS or NEW 3DS/2DS XL console is under V11.10, you can use Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds to run homebrew exploit Ninjhax 2.9, then your console can launch homebrews, so you can use emulators with using the Sky3ds card.

If you still have other question on download files for Sky3ds, just contact [email protected], we will answer all your questions there.